Did you solve the mystery? Earlier this summer, Pennsylvania-based Herr’s, the nation’s largest family-owned snack maker, asked fans “DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TASTES?” to guess what three classic Herr’s flavors make up the limited-time “Flavor Mix Mystery” chip.

Snack sleuths from across the country, who accepted the summer flavor challenge and submitted their guesses for the Herr’s Flavor Mix Mystery Sweepstakes, were entered for a chance to win $10,000 and a year’s supply of Herr’s. The winner of the sweepstakes, which ended on August 31, will soon be notified.

During the mystery sweepstakes, Herr’s shared creative flavor clues on their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that fans could engage with to help determine the flavor combination from 15 potential Herr’s classic flavors. Since the launch of the mystery sweepstakes on May 10, over 606,000 flavor combination guesses were submitted.

“Creating innovative, flavorful snacks has been part of Herr’s legacy for 75 years,” said Bob Clark, Herr’s vice president of marketing. “Our never-tasted-before Flavor Mix Mystery chip put our fans’ taste buds to the ultimate taste test. With over 2,500 possible flavor combinations, we are excited to reveal the three classic Herr’s flavors that make up this unique and tasty chip.”

The case is closed and the mystery has been revealed. The three classic Herr’s flavors that make up the “Flavor Mix Mystery” chip are Ketchup, Creamy Dill and Jalapeño. Herr’s “Flavor Mix Mystery” was one of the three limited-time-only Flavor Mix products available this summer. The other two chip flavors, “Barbecue and Salt & Vinegar” and “Cheddar and Sour Cream & Onion,” also combined Herr’s classic flavors together to make a new, tasty potato chip flavor.