Herr’s rolls out its new advertising campaign entitled “Break Out the Herr’s ™. 
The new campaign, starting in October 2020, will run primarily in the Philadelphia market.  The messages and tagline encourages consumers to celebrate important moments with family and friends with the snack brand they grew up with and love.  The ads will air on TV, cable TV, OTT, digital, social, outdoor and major league sport sponsorships in the market. This new campaign is part of a strategic plan to strengthen the brand into the future. 

When it’s time enjoy. When it’s time to celebrate. When it’s to live it up, get down, break out the moves and rock the whole block, well, that calls for the good stuff. Whether it’s first games, first tastes, first dates, road trips, beach trips or trips home, don’t rely on any old chip. Reach for the snacks that can live up to the moment. Break Out the Herr’s. 

Because for over seven decades, Herr’s has perfected the potato chip and crafted enough flavors to satisfy every moment, every taste bud and every memory yet to be made. So, Philly, when it’s time for times that matter, there’s only one chip that matters. Break out the crisp. Break out the tasty. Break Out the Herr’s.

AGENCY: quench
TV spots that were shot in and around Philly are voiced by influencer, activist, entrepreneur and Philadelphia 76ers in-arena personality Christian Crosby, whose VO is used in multiple executions of the new campaign.

We know that when there's a good time or celebration to be had, Herr's is the go-to snack for Philadelphians. We want to reinforce that association, so whenever there’s an opportunity for a good memory in the making, you know it’s time to ‘break out the Herr’s.