Mary Lou Rollins' Tortilla Dip
Serve  with Your Favorite Variety of Herr's® Tortilla Chips

8 oz. Cream cheese, softened
8 oz. Sour cream
1 head Iceberg lettuce
1 jar Herr's® Salsa
3 oz. Shredded taco cheese
1 large can Pitted jumbo black olives
Herr's® Tortilla Chips

In a small bowl, combine cream cheese and sour cream until creamy. Wash, drain, and shred lettuce and place on serving tray Spread half of salsa over lettuce.  Spread cream cheese mixture over salsa and lettuce making sure they are covered completely. Spread other half of salsa on top. Sprinkle taco cheese over salsa Slice olives into rings and place all around the top. Arrange tortilla chips around the outside of lettuce. Put remaining chips in serving basket for dipping.

About the cook:
Mary Lou's hobbies include cooking, gardening, and crafts. She's married to Charles Rollins, a route salesperson for the Herr's® branch in Egg Harbor, NJ.