In support of our military, Herr’s is celebrating National Snack Food Month by donating 500 snack-care packages to troops stationed overseas!
From its meager beginnings when Jim Herr started the company over 60 years ago, Herr Foods has grown to become one of the leading snack food companies in the industry. The ability to do that comes in great part from the freedoms and opportunities we are blessed to have here in the great United States of America. Today, we want to demonstrate our appreciation of those who serve to protect our freedoms, and those of others around the world.

Herr’s Chipper the Chipmunk meets Major Stephen Keck, United States Army
Throughout the month of February, family members and friends of American troops, as well as servicemen and servicewomen themselves, may register to have a snack care package sent to a soldier stationed overseas. To show our appreciation and support for our troops, we’re distributing over 40,000 bags of snacks!

Cpl Jason Detwiler,
United States Marine Corps in Iraq