Physical activity is vital for a lifetime of good health. Exercising helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints and reduces fat and excess calories. It also works your most important muscle–your heart! And just like your leg muscles, your heart needs exercise to stay healthy. Here are some fun ways to work your muscles:
  • Move, move, move! Turn on some music and jump or dance around.

  • Challenge your friends to a push-up contest between video games. Who can do the most?

  • Host an after dinner jump-a-thon with your family or friends. See who can jump rope the longest!

  • Go up and down a flight of stairs an extra 10 times per day.

  • Take a walk or ride your bike with your family or friends!
    1. Have fun!
    2. Be healthy!
    3. Get strong!
    4. Learn new skills!
    5. Feel great!
    6. Do better in school!
    7. Be more confident!
    8. Look great!
    You need sleep so that your body and mind can function properly. Having a rested body will help you work and play hard, and avoid being hurt.

    We also need sleep to grow and mend our muscles. During sleep, the body produces a chemical that repairs and regenerates tissue throughout the body. Sleep may also strengthen your memory and help you to process complex emotions.
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