Looking for a Career... not just a job?
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A HERR’S® Employee?
We think our 1500 plus employees are pretty spectacular! We are committed to making our Herr’s family business an enjoyable and profitable place to work. Each day they bring their core values to work to make things happen. You can count on our employees to be:

  • Hardworking
  • Honest
  • Energetic
  • Ethical and Principled
  • Safety-conscious
  • Open to diversity
  • Cheerful
  • Kind, Courteous & Respectful
How do you match up? Are these the kind of fellow workers you want to surround yourself with? Click HERE to find out how to join our Herr's® family.

Why Choose HERR’S®?

  • We're committed to safety
  • We’re a family business, not just a business
  • We’re ethical and honest in our business dealings
  • We value you as a person, you’re not just a number
  • We value diversity
  • Your health and safety are important to us
  • Every Full-Time position is posted internally
  • Many of our management team has been promoted from within
  • We believe in training and value education
  • We are recognized as a Leader in the industry
  • We are recognized as a Leader in the community
  • We have great benefit programs
  • We offer wellness programs
  • We are committed to protecting our environment through our extensive recycling efforts
  • We’re a great team of co-workers
  • With Herr’s, it’s a career – not just a job!

Click HERE to find out how to join our Herr's® family.

Positions Available
There are many different types of jobs performed daily at our Nottingham, PA Headquarters. Our branches primarily have opportunities for Route Salespeople. Click HERE for more information.